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MRK-1 - Olive Wood

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Handle in Olive Wood naturally aged from Tuscany.

In the kitchen, the knife is an extension of the hand.

Therefore, it must be able to combine balance in weight and shape, enduring sharpness for rigorous chopping, and smooth precision for slicing.

It is these exact guidelines that inspired Mirko Rainer to combine his experience as Maître-Sommelier and Chef with that of an artisan knife maker and produce a knife that includes these diverse aspects of practicality and efficiency with an attractive design.

MRK-1 is above all the result of a creative and technical collaboration with the well-known knife designer from Tuscany, Franco Milani, who oversees the aesthetics and functionality in production.

MRK-1 is the knife where multi-functionality and beauty come together in a unique and precise tool that can be used for carving and chopping with equal ease. Its blade, which extends to below the handle, makes the total length of the knife very compact, increasing manoeuvrability and facility of use. 

It imparts the feel of a true chef quality tool.

MRK-1, handcrafted in an exclusive limited series of 100 pieces, combines tradition and innovation, with the latest generation of stainless steel, the 440 Nitro-B cryogenic tempered steel and a handle embellished with precious woods.

MRK-1 is much more than a sharp blade!

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